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Parade Essential

Horses have served an essential role in the Rose Parade for all of its 134 years. From the beginning, horses pulled the early parade “floats” – carriages decorated with flowers. Motorized floats became a part of the parade in 1901, but they were moved to the rear of the parade so as not to scare the horses.
Eubanks Equestrian Pavilion

Eubanks Equestrian Pavilion

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Each year equestrian groups from across the country are invited to participate in the Rose Parade® highlighting their riding and roping skills. The Eubanks Equestrian Pavilion pays tribute to all the past and present equestrians sharing their stories and contributions to the iconic parade over the 132 years. We’re sharing some great video and fun facts about everyone’s favorite part of the parade…the horses!

Horses on Parade
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