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2024 Rose Queen: Naomi Stillitano of Arcadia

On October 27, 2023 The Pasadena Tournament of Roses officially named Arcadia Senior Naomi Stillitano the 105th Rose Queen in a ceremony on the front steps of the Tournament House in Pasadena. The Rose Queen and Royal Court were selected based upon a combination of qualities, including public speaking ability, academic achievement, youth leadership, and community and school involvement.

The floral majesty that rolls down Colorado Boulevard on New Year’s Day is the result of thousands of volunteers assisting the incredible design talents of highly specialized floral artists. We celebrate he origins and types of organic materials, seeds, and flowers, and the evolution of float building in our series of historic videos and images!  

What is a "White Suiter", who was Isabella Coleman and what engineering feats is she known for, who has been a Rose Parade® Grand Marshal and how many Rose Parade® themes can you name? Check out all of these fun facts and more!

Artistry on Parade

Artistry on Parade

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