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White Suiters

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The pageantry of the Rose Parade® and the Rose Bowl Game® takes a tremendous effort. There are approximately 1,000 volunteers who collectively spend about 80,000 hours each year making sure

that everything, from traffic to toilets, is perfectly coordinated forthe big day.

Since 1932, tournament volunteers have worn

distinctive white suits that make them immediately

recognizable in crowds as members of the

Tournament of Roses Association. Thus, they have

earned the nickname, ''White Suiters." Men and

women from all walks of life join the Association,

willing to give up many of their evenings,

weekends and holidays.


Isabella Coleman

Rose Parade® Float Designer and Innovator


Initially, new members are given routine tasks.

They might spend New Year's Eve patrolling lonely

barricades or placing ''No Parking'' signs. As they

move through the ranks, their responsibilities

increase and they may eventuallyl ead one of the

approximately 30 committees. er serving as

chair on several committees, the volunteer might

become a member of the board of directors.

From there, he or she could be elected to a

14-member executive committee and eventually

become President. The whole process takes

20-30 years, and countless hours away from

personal pursuits. The result is a contribution to

a magnificent show enjoyed worldwide.

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